c# ASP Net Core 3.1 MVC MultiSelect with List of Objects

The ASP.NET Core MVC is a lightweight, open-source, highly testable presentation framework optimized for use with ASP.NET Core. The ASP.NET Core MVC framework is used for building Web Apps using the Model-View-Controller (MVC) Design Pattern. So, you need to remember that MVC is a Design Pattern, and ASP.NET Core MVC is the Framework based on MVC Design Pattern. So, in short, we can say that a Model in the MVC Design Pattern contains a set of classes used to represent the data and the logic to manage those data. In our example, the Student class is the class that is used to represent the data. The StudentBusinessLayer class is the class that is used to manage the Student data, i.e., Validating the Data and Persisting the data into the database.

ASP.NET Core 3.1 MVC Lessons

I used to add a IList property to Book model and store multiple categories in CategoryIds property. A new major release of .NET is published every year in November, enabling developers, the community, and businesses to plan their roadmaps. Even numbered releases are LTS releases with free support and patches for three years. Odd-numbered releases are STS releases with free support and patches for 18 months. Microsoft continued encouraging developers to migrate from .NET Framework to .NET Core and the subsequent .NET 5+ versions to take advantage of the benefits mentioned above. If you are looking for an interactive course to learn ASP .NET course in 2023 the this text-based, interactive course from Educative is a great one to start with for beginners.

Step 4 Add Controller/Model and View

ASP.NET Core MVC provides a patterns-based way to build dynamic websites that enables a clean separation of concerns. It gives us full control over the markup, supports test-driven development, and adheres to the latest web standards. These are key features introduced in each version of .NET Core and the subsequent unified .NET platform.

Controllers in MVC Design Pattern are the components that handle user interaction, work with the model, and ultimately select a view to render. In an MVC application, the one and only responsibility of a view is to render the information; the controller handles and responds to user input and interaction. The Student model carried the student data to the view in the following example. As already discussed, the one and only responsibility of the view is to render the model data, in this case, student model data. So, the View Component in the MVC Design pattern is used to contain the logic to represent the model data as a user interface with which the end-user can interact.

Asp.Net Core MVC 3.1 tutorial with Live application Nitish

After analysing 71,530 courses, we found that the highest rated courses are updated every year. If a course has not been updated for more than 2 years, you should carefully evaluate the course before enrolling. The ASP.NET Core MVC Framework is designed from scratch to keep in mind to be Cross-Platform for both development and deployment. ASP.NET Core MVC is cross-platform both for development and deployment.

  • Talking about social proof, this course is trusted by more than 29,000 students, and it has, on average, 3.6 ratings from close to 7,000 participants, which is phenomenal.
  • The identity and membership components are covered, and a demonstration is included to customize and seed the membership database.
  • The Model represents a set of classes used to describe the application’s validation, business, and data access logic.
  • It is available for operating systems such as Windows, Linux & macOS.
  • We will go through a simplified example to illustrate the process.

If you have any questions or feedback, then please drop a note. That’s all about some of the best courses to learn ASP .NET in 2023. These are definitely the best courses if you are looking to learn ASP .NET for web development. Overall a great course to learn both ASP .NET ASP.NET Core 3.1 MVC Lessons Core and MVC in a hands-on and project-based way. All you need is some C# and .NET experience, Visual Studio Code and SQL Server Management Studio to start with. Now that you know what is .NET and What is ASP .NET let’s dive into some of the best courses to learn ASP.


He said he will email me the list in a couple of days, and he did. It just contained a couple of courses, the first two on the list, but I had to include at least 5 to make it a list. So, I did my own research and come up with this list of courses to learn ASP .NET in 2023. If you are thinking of learning ASP .NET in 2023 and looking for some excellent resources, then you have come to the right place. This article contains some of the best courses to learn ASP .NET in 2023. Pranaya Rout has published more than 3,000 articles in his 11-year career.

In our example, we use the Student class to hold the student data in memory. The StudentBusinessLayer class is used to manage the student data, i.e., going to perform the CRUD operation, Validate the Student data, etc. Let us see an example to understand how the MVC pattern works in the ASP.NET Core MVC application. For example, we want to design an application where we need to display the student details on a web page, as shown below. After the user selects 1 or more (so multiple), they save the book to a database.

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