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Huge Investment plans between KSA, Amazon & Facebook

Investment Plans between KSA, Facebook and Amazon

Investment Plans

Huge Investment plans between KSA, Amazon & Facebook مدونة نظام أون لاين التقنية

Recently, the Saudi communication and information technology authority confirmed in a report that there will be big investments from big American companies in the Kingdom.

The authority mentioned that these companies are enthusiastic about investing in Saudi Arabia starting from next year.

The reports also mentioned that the huge Facebook and Amazon companies are on the A-list.

But the report didn’t contain any details about the nature and form of this investment.

And also confirmed that these companies have already applied officially to invest in KSA.

Meanwhile, the two companies haven’t revealed any information about the nature, expenses or even their expected revenue.

Many Saudi media coverage tried to get any information from both of them but there are no official comments yet.

This was released after crown prince Mohamed ben Salman’s visit to Facebook and Amazon during last months.

It seems like this visit has motivated the CEOs of the two companies to invest in KSA.

Facebook has recently announced that they are excited to take the challenge, said by a Facebook official.

He added, we are planning to improve services in the whole area and to help startup companies to deliver their services too.

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Huge Investment plans between KSA, Amazon & Facebook مدونة نظام أون لاين التقنية

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