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In addition to having a genetic predisposition for heterochromia, Aussies have a one-in-five chance of being born with a naturally bobbed tail. Ranchers purposely bred Aussies that had these naturally short tails because they are safer when it comes to herding. But with the Grammys, the back half of the residency and an expanded rerelease of “Tension” due in the coming months, “Padam Padam” feels less a culmination of her career than the beginning of a new chapter. Australia also has its own set of vocabulary which fits in with this predilection for casual forms of language. Lots of words are shortened with an “o” or an “ee” sound put on the end, so that they roll off the tongue a little easier. Slang is commonly used in conversation across the country and in all levels of society.

In a funny twist of fate, the Australian shepherd’s origin may not really involve much of Australia at all. In fact, the American Kennel Club says the Aussies we know today are actually descendants of herding dogs from Basque sheepherders from the Pyrenees mountains of Europe who immigrated to America for work in the mid-19th century. These shepherds brought their “little blue dogs” with them to work the land in Western states like Wyoming and Colorado, where ranchers fell in love with the sturdy hard-working breed. The name of the breed is technically a misnomer, as it was developed in California in the 19th century, although it has its origins in Asturias, in the northwest of Spain; the breed was unknown in Australia at the time. It is claimed that Australian Shepherds descend from a variety of herding breeds, including collies imported, alongside sheep, from Australia and New Zealand; the breed reportedly took its name from this trade.

  1. Most Aussies are happiest with a job, and training in different activities can be that job.
  2. Brush at least one to two times per week, making sure to brush all areas, including behind the ears where the fur can become matted.
  3. Today, Australia’s rich assortment of backgrounds, cultures and communities influences everything from the food we eat to the celebrations we share.
  4. These shepherds brought their “little blue dogs” with them to work the land in Western states like Wyoming and Colorado, where ranchers fell in love with the sturdy hard-working breed.
  5. Their high intelligence and eager-to-please nature means they’re quick learners, which is a great attribute for training, but also means they can be a bit of a handful for novice owners.

Although a minority of the population, the Australian Indigenous peoples also play an incredibly important role in modern Australian culture. As a local or as a visitor it important to respect Australia’s traditional populations. What’s more, they’re prepared to have a long conversation with you on the subject. It’s common to refer to people by their first name, even if they don’t know you, including in professional situations. Australia has an exciting calendar of events and festivals, where locals and tourists alike gather to celebrate food, sport, art or culture.

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Australia hosts a huge number of world-renowned sporting events like the Australian Open tennis tournament and Sydney to Hobart yacht race. When it comes to food, the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is a highlight, while Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras celebrates our diversity and sees people come together from all over the world. Australia’s lifestyle is laidback, sure, but there’s nothing that excites an Aussie more than sport. Australia’s sporting culture has been passed through generations, making for a population deeply invested in cricket, rugby, Australian Rules Football, soccer, tennis and more.

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The Aussie has a thick, medium-length double coat that sheds year-round, so routine grooming is important to remove loose fur and prevent tangles and mats. Brush at least one to two times per week, making sure to brush all areas, including behind the ears where the fur can become matted. They are high-energy dogs with the intelligence to match, so they need lots of mental stimulation and physical activity.

The American Kennel Club first recognized the Australian shepherd breed in 1991. The AKC later recognized the miniature American shepherd, a smaller version of the Aussie, in 2015. AKC is a participant in affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to If you purchase a product through this article, we may receive a portion of the sale.


Basque shepherds first took their dogs with them to Australia and then to the United States, so Americans called the dogs Australian Shepherds. The Australian Shepherd, or Aussie for find developers for startup short, is one of the most popular breeds in the United States. Their boundless energy and high intelligence make them fun, entertaining, and hardworking pets and assistance dogs.

Australians find countless ways to kick off their shoes and enjoy their many beautiful beaches, be it surfing, fishing, kayaking, picnicking, sharing an impromptu game of beach cricket or just soaking up some sunshine. Sharing a meal or a drink with a group of mates and an amazing backdrop – whether enjoying pan-Asian flavours down a Melbourne laneway or indulging in a Greek share plate on one of the country’s many beaches – is true Aussie style. From laid-back attitudes to a serious love of nature and sports, here’s what you need to know about the Australian lifestyle. The ultimate moisturizing and detangling hair care routine that will prime you for your perfect style. The ultimate moisturizing and detangling hair care and styling routine that is designed for all types of curls and coils.

Be sure to walk an Australian shepherd on a leash, as the breed has a natural instinct to chase (i.e., herd) moving objects, including passersby, bicycles, other animals, and even cars. Aussies also will need a secure solid fence when they are out in the yard rather than an electronic fence, which won’t always dissuade their urge to chase and herd. American ranchers loved Australian Shepherds because they were great herders, but Aussies rose to fame among the general population because of their frequent appearances in rodeos. For more information about immigration see Immigration to Australia and Foreign-born population of Australia.

Everything You Need To Know About Australians

Aussies are an extremely intelligent, loyal, and hard-working breed that makes excellent companions for active people and families. They are adept at herding, dog sports, and search-and-rescue—they can even be therapy or service dogs. As an affectionately nicknamed “Velcro dog,” Aussies prefer being with their people for most of the day, and may not be the best fit for someone who works long hours due to potential separation anxiety.

In the 1800s, some of the indigenous Basque people took their dogs from this region and traveled to Australia, hoping to find more cattle land. The Australian shepherd, or Aussie, is a medium-sized herding dog with medium-length fur and an agile, athletic build. The breed’s ancestors came to the U.S. from Europe by way of Australia, hence the name.

The current Australian resident population is estimated at 27,470,000 (1 February 2024).[92] This does not include Australians living overseas. In 2015, 2.15% of the Australian population lived overseas, one of the lowest proportions worldwide.[93] This ratio is much lower than many other countries in the OECD. The following table shows Australia’s population by country of birth as estimated by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2021. It shows only countries or regions or birth with a population of over 100,000 residing in Australia.

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